Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Intentionally Ignoring an Intention

("I am a Goddess and" - added after finishing blog) Today has been busy.  Work was stressful, as usual, and when I got home, I helped my brother and mom in getting Christmas things put away in the attic.  I have no problem in helping, I just did not expect it or realize that it would be happening today.  Based on the extra work, I decided that I could easily put off completing an intention until tomorrow.
  • Fold Laundry.
  • Read 1 Chapter Forever Amber.
  • Go through 1 magazine.
  • *Smile
I decided to put off folding laundry.  In actuality, I could do it, but I just do not feel like doing it.  I am allowing my excuses to take over, and I accept it.  As long as I set it as an intention tomorrow and complete it, my excuses will not have won as they have for much of my life (folding laundry is something I rarely do, instead opting to leave my clean laundry unfolded in a laundry basket to wrinkle).

This morning I read a couple of pages so that I would be at the beginning of a chapter in my book.  During my lunch break, I read more than a chapter.  I have read even more since I came home.  The book may be very long, but it is so addictive.  If I did not realize before this book, I know now - I like historical fiction. :)

After running an errand with mom, I noticed that my intention list mentioned going through a magazine.  I had completely forgotten, but proceeded to grab one and went through it while hanging out then while we watched American Idol.  I think I may be about halfway through my magazines from 2005?  Yes, my magazines are that old.  I read a bunch of the smaller things and generally read a little of each article to decide to read now, save, or throw out.  I do not think that I spend as long reading the magazine as I would if it were new and I was caught up with my magazines, but I do read a little bit of most if not all things in the magazine.  I pretty much only skip the horoscopes (too old) and the articles about celebrities that I think are foolish.

As for smiling?  I did not do that nearly enough today.  It is hard to smile when my mother has a headache, my brother in law is having a lot of pain, and my coworker in going through messy personal issues that have her stressed out to the max, and another coworker is really sick but without sicktime.  It was hard to stay positive and optimistic when most people were having a rough day and it permeated into my day.  I also had a lot of phone calls from people being rude and I am sorry to say that I said the word "prick" many times after getting off the phone or listening to voicemail.  Today was crazy-stressful enough that just now, as I type this sentence, am I remembering that I, in fact, AM a Goddess.

I am a Goddess and I will think mind over matter and be rid of this cold and perpetual bloody nose of the past 3 months with haste!

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  1. YOU ARE A GORGEOUS GODDESS!!! Whatever was bothering you today, I am sorry that you had a rough day and I love you very much.